Events of all sizes typically use audio and video equipment to ensure that everyone gets the message loud and clear. Your AV equipment may be something as simple as a microphone and screen to showcase a PowerPoint presentation. But, no matter how big or small your event, you want to make the most impact with the equipment you have. Today, DK Audio Video shares a few tips on how to do just that.

Understanding AV Equipment

AV equipment varies from venue to venue, but it typically includes all of the electronic components needed to clearly showcase the sound and sight components of your event or presentation. An AV rentals company in Colorado Springs might carry anything from lighting to mixer boards to video cameras, projectors, screens, and two-way radios. What you need for your event is determined by your end goal as well as your budget.

Meetings And Conferences

Corporate meetings and conferences often rely on AV rentals and the proper installation and usage of this equipment. Your audio video checklist for these types of events might include a computer, microphone, video camera, projector screens, and/or large LCD displays. If your conference is taking place in one room or location and being broadcast to another, your AV technician will need to ensure that each location has a clear signal and can receive audio and video of the event.

The larger your crowd, the more equipment you’ll need.

Before You Rent AV Equipment

There are many different components to ensuring that the audio and video of your event is on point. But, there are several steps you can take to ensure success before you begin the planning process. First, contact your venue to confirm that you can contract with an outside AV rentals agency. It is not uncommon for event centers in Colorado Springs to have a preferred vendor list and to deny outside vendors from bringing in equipment.

Next, look at the layout of your stage or conference room. Your audiovisual technician will need to know the room dimensions as well as any types of obstructions that might get in the way of electrical components. You’ll need to verify internet availability and in-house security. Let your equipment provider know the number of people attending the event, how many speakers you expect, and whether or not you want multiple podiums/microphones, such as if you are presenting awards or hosting a debate.

Finally, touch base with your presenters to see if they have different AV rental needs. Ask them each to provide you with a checklist of requirements to ensure that everyone has the tools they need to get their message across.

When you’re ready to plan your next big event, partner with an experienced and fully equipped AV company. Remember, your presentation matters, and your audiovisual advisor can help you get your message across to everyone in attendance.

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