Hosting a major event involves many moving parts. Among these are scheduling the venue, finding guest speakers or entertainment, planning for food, and ensuring the day goes off without a hitch. While you have your hands full, the audio and visual aspects of your gathering do not have to be another balancing act. Here are a few tips on how to find the right audio visual technician for your event in Denver and the surrounding area.

Start With A Checklist

The first thing you should do before planning any type of event is to grab a notebook and make a checklist of important information. Your AV planner will need to know how many people will be in attendance, how large the venue is, and if those using the AV equipment will stand stationary or need the freedom to move around. Check with your venue about the equipment they have available and, importantly, ask about the internet connection. You will need to have enough bandwidth to support your computer equipment, guests logging into the Wi-Fi, and any electronic devices brought in by your speakers or performers.

Once you have this information handy, it’s time to call DK Audio Video. Keep in mind, however, that your audio video technician will still have many questions to help you fully customize your AV. A few examples of questions you might be asked include:

Will presenters share information on PowerPoint slides? Think about a college lecture. The professor presents information on a projector screen, which makes it easier for people in the very back row to read the fine print. If your event will feature displayed text, your AV tech might suggest using projector screens instead of smaller flat-screen monitors.

  • How many microphones do you need? This will help your event planner decide on the type of soundboard that is most appropriate.
  • What is the lighting situation like? Denver has beautiful weather throughout much of the year, meaning that many events take place outdoors. But, you might still need additional lighting so that your presenter/entertainer remains highly visible throughout your event. You can also use lighting to create a dramatic effect.
  • Is there an on-site power source? Your audio visual technician will likely probe for information about the power available online. They will need to know where outlets are available and if additional power sources need to be brought in. They will also create a sketch of the event venue to determine where cables might be run.
    When it’s time to choose an A/V technician for your big event, look for a provider that asks lots of questions and takes the time to get to know your needs. Remember, no two events are alike, and there is not a cookie-cutter solution to make yours a success. Your event is unique as are your audiovisual needs. is your source for AV equipment in Denver. Contact us today and let your audio visual technician set your event apart from the rest.