Achieve even coverage with a small speaker combo for a live entertainment venue with a wide range of acoustic music.


Sep 2, 2016
Audio + Video Design & Install


3 – EAW Speakers
1 – 80 TV

EAW Radius Speakers

The RADIUS (RSX Series) couples unique and intelligent features, including OptiLogic™, with EAW’s signature acoustical design to deliver solutions for rental firms and system integrators. Optimal sonic performance has never been easier or more accessible, and system design and control has never been more approachable. The EAWmosaic™ app provides total system optimization, plus intuitive room design and prediction in a single, comprehensive application. RADIUS harnesses full Dante™ integration across the line.

“DK Audio did a tremendous job in helping us both design and install the best system for our live music needs. Bands and artists have been very impressed with our built-in system for their performances.” – Rowland Smith, Third Space Coffee Owner

More About the Third Space Coffee House Project
Community Centric Coffee House Goes Pro with DK Audio Video

Third Space Coffee opened its doors in Dec of 2016 in hopes of becoming exactly what its name implies – your third space. Their website explains it like this: “Third Space” is a term used in sociology, originally coined by Ray Oldenburg, that identifies a place of community. If your first space is your home, and your second space is your work, then your third space are those places where you find community with others. A place that shapes and inspires you.” And inspire you it does.

Their mission is people: “their lives, their hearts, and their healing.” And because that is their mission, they “feel a strong responsibility to help fill the margins of (the Colorado Springs) culture and bring beauty to people’s lives.” They do this by focusing “efforts to support, highlight, and tell the story of a local non-profit organization working to make (the) city a better place to live.” It’s a unique vision, one that goes much deeper than coffee. You might come for the coffee but their hope is you’ll stay for the community.

So it goes without saying, we were really excited to partner with Third Space Coffee and help make their dreams of being a top-notch, pro-sound, live music venue a reality.

The Challenge

Third Space Coffee not only attracts a wide variety of musical talent for its live in-house entertainment but is also home to Ecclesia Church. This meant that the audio & video equipment we installed needed to meet the needs of both the organizations using the space on a regular basis. In addition to meeting the audio needs of the organizations, we needed to meet the spatial needs of the venue. Even coverage, while taking up the least amount of space, was of the utmost importance.

The Solution

To address Third Space Coffee’s audio needs, we turned to EAW’s Radius Speakers. The speakers are known for being ideal for live music venues, houses of worship, and performing arts centers. The Radius series features OptiLogic technology that allows each of the speaker modules to identify the exact position and splay angle optimal for acoustic output within their contained space. With EAW technology, Third Space Coffee’s sound was transformed into the perfect space for professional performances.

The Results

Musicians, ministers, and members alike are equally thrilled to be working with Third Space Coffee’s new sound system. “Bands and artists have been very impressed with our built-in system for their performances.” Rowland Smith, Third Space Coffee Owner.

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